At Panels For Progress, we:
  1. Identify and conduct due diligence on potential projects using several metrics: community impact, viability, cost efficiency, and our partner’s level of commitment.
  2. Visit project site in order to: meet with local project coordinators; assess the logistical challenges of successfully installing and maintaining a solar project; and ensure a strong partnership.
  3. Secure equipment donations from our manufacturing partners. These donations include, but are no limited to, solar panels, micro inverters, and racking components. We will raise money to buy any other components that are necessary to install the project.
  4. Oversee logistics, including shipping and transportation of the panels to the project site and train local community members on installation and maintenance of the equipment.
  5. Continuously assess our impact by analyzing and reporting concrete metrics including greenhouse gas reductions, cost savings estimates, and the percentage of the local population with access to reliable energy