By partnering with NGOs and equipment manufacturers to develop renewable energy projects for those who need it most, Panels For Progress aims to:

  • Equip impoverished or vulnerable communities with reliable electricity through the development and installation of solar projects
  • Work with established NGOs and nonprofits with existing human resources and relationships on-the-ground to ensure the success and continued sustainability of the project
  • Help NGOs and nonprofit organizations realize their goals by making their international projects more economically and environmentally sustainable
  • Focus specifically on areas where education and/or healthcare facilities suffer from unreliable or expensive power
  • Provide job training to local community members in the skilled trade of solar system installation and maintenance
  • Educate about climate change and the importance of conservation and energy efficiency
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Featured Project

Panels For Progress is working to solarize a safe house for street children in Northern Thailand.

Our Partner:

Panels For Progress is partnering with Not For Sale Campaign, an anti-human trafficking nonprofit that has over five years of experience building social enterprises to benefit enslaved or vulnerable communities.

The Project:

Not For Sale provides support for an orphanage and vocational center that provides emergency and long-term assistance for over 150 street children and youth. Once taken off the streets, the children receive a stable living environment, meals, health-care, the opportunity to go to school, and the vocational training they need to build a sustainable future. The project consists of four dormitories, a medical clinic, a safe house, and a basketball court.

Community Impact:

The vast majority of Thai street children come from the Burmese-Thai border at the bustling market of Mae Sai. These children are born into minority indigenous groups which the Burmese government does not recognize as Burmese citizens. Once in Thailand, the children are considered stateless people and are therefore, ineligible to receive health services, education, or employment. Disenfranchised and vulnerable, the children often become victims of drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Panels For Progress aims to equip Not For Sale’s project in Thailand with solar energy so the children have access to clean, reliable energy. In doing so, Panels For Progress will reduce Not For Sale Campaign’s electricity costs so they can direct their resources to the communities they serve.

Panels For Progress is partnering with Not For Sale Campaign